Price Sources

Most supplier prices in this Guide do not include insurance and transportation charges. The buyer (government agency international competitive bidding, or tender) prices usually do include insurance and transportation charges. For more information, please see the "price type" for each supplier and agency in the tables below.

Some suppliers charge a standard handling fee in addition to their catalogue price. The handling fees in the tables below have been added to the prices listed in this Guide.

Two primary types of suppliers and buyers are included in the Guide.

  • Buyers. These are usually government agency international competitive bidding, or tender, prices from public sector sources. These are actual prices obtained by the organizations listed and are included for information purposes. It is not possible for a reader to place an order with any of these organizations. These prices should not be used as international reference prices since they may only be available to the organization conducting the tender or procurement. This is especially true in domestic tenders, because local manufacturers may not sell internationally.
  • Suppliers. This includes organizations who maintain a warehouse and supply items directly to customers. All of these suppliers provide a wider range of products than shown in this Guide. For a complete list of products, contact the vendor directly. This type also includes procurement agencies that negotiate prices and place purchase orders for client nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), private voluntary organizations (PVOs), and Ministries of Health (MOHs). They may often order from a vendor such as those listed in the Guide. They may charge a fee for their service over and above the drug's CIF price. Finally, suppliers are also international development organizations that provide commodities to country programs that they and others support.
Barbados Drug Service (BDS)
Botswana Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (BOTSWANA)
BUFMAR (Bureau des Formations Médicales Agrées du Rwanda) (BUFMAR)
Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social—CCSS (Costa Rica Social Security—CRSS) (CRSS)
CAMERWA (Centrale d'achat des Médicaments Essentiels, Consommables et Equipements Médicaux du Rwanda) (CAMERWA)
Centrale de Distribution de Médicaments Essentiels de Tshikapa (CEDIMET) (CEDIMET)
Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)
Democratic Republic of Congo Integrated Health Program (IHP) (DRC/IHP)
Dominican Republic PROMESE/CAL (DOMREPUB)
Ethiopia Pharmaceutical Administration and Supply Service (PASS) Ethiopia Pharmaceuticals Supply and Logistics Provisional Department (since 2006) (ETHIOPIA)
Fédération des Centrales d’Approvisionnement en Medicaments Essentiels (FEDECAME) (FEDECAME)
Ghana MOH Procurement Unit (GHANA)
Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi (DELHI)
Guatemala, Dirección Normativa de Contrataciones y Adquisiciones del Estado (GUATEMALA)
Honduras Secretaría de Estado en el Despacho de Salud (“Honduras Secretary of State for Health”) (HONDURAS)
Khartoum State Ministry of Health (Sudan) (SUDAN)
Lesotho National Drug Service Organization (LESOTHO)
Malawi Central Medical Stores (MALAWI)
Medical Stores Department (MSD) (MSD/TANZ)
Ministerio de Salud y Deportes del Bolivia (“Ministry of Health and Sports, Bolivia”) (BOLIVIA)
Mission for Essential Medical Supplies (MEMS) (MEMS)
Namibia Central Medical Stores (NAMIBIA)
Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Pharmaceutical Procurement Service (OECS/PPS) (OECS/PPS)
Perú Ministerio de Salud (MINSA) (“Peru Ministry of Health”) (PERU)
República de El Salvador Ministerio de Salud Publica y Asistencia Social (ELSALV)
Senegal National Pharmacy (Pharmacie Nationale d'Approvisionnement [PNA] du Sénégal) (SENEGAL)
South Africa Department of Health (SAFRICA)
Sudan National Health Insurance Fund (SUDANNHIF)
Sudan National Medical Supplies Fund (SUDANNMSF)
System of Central American Integration (SICA) (SICA)
Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation (TAMILNADU)
Uganda National Medical Stores (UGANDANMS)
Unidad de Adquisiciones del Ministerio de Salud de Nicaragua (NICARAGUA)
Yemen Ministry of Public Health and Population, Drug Fund for Medical Supplies (YEMEN)

Action Medeor (MEDEOR/EU)
Action Medeor International Healthcare (MEDEOR/TZ)
Affordable Medicines for Africa (AMFA)
Amstelfarma bv (AMSTELFAR)
ASRAMES (Association Régionale D’Approvisionnement en Médicaments Essentiels) (ASRAMES)
CDMU (Community Development Medicinal Unit) (CDMU)
ECHO (ECHO International Health Services Limited) (ECHO)
Global TB Drug Facility (GDF) (GDF)
HCL (Halewood Chemicals Ltd.) (HCL)
IDA ARV Procurement Services BV (IDA/ARV)
IDA Foundation (IDA)
IDA Green Light Committee (IDA/GLC)
IDA HIV-AIDS Group Africa Prices (IDA/HIVAF)
Joint Medical Store (JMS)
Malawi Central Medical Stores (MALAWI)
Medical Export Group BV (MEG)
Medical Stores Department (MSD) (MSD/TANZ)
Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS) (MEDS)
Missionpharma A/S (MISSION)
Orbi-Pharma (ORBI)
PAHO Strategic Fund (PAHO)
Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) Project (SCMS)
Tri-Med (TRI-MED)
UNICEF Supply Division (UNICEF)
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) (UNFPA)
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/CCP Project (USAID/CCP)