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List of synonyms

Synonym Name as Listed in the Guide
acetaminophen paracetamol
adrenaline epinephrine
ascorbic acid vitamin C
aspirin acetylsalicylic acid
AZT zidovudine
bendrofluazide bendroflumethiazide
benzathine penicillin penicillin, benzathine benzyl
benzhexol trihexyphenidyl
benztropine benzatropine
butylscopolamine bromide hyoscine butylbromide
carbon absorbent charcoal activated
chlorpheniramine chlorphenamine
cholecalciferol vitamin D-3
cyanocobalamine vitamin B-12
doxorubicin 4.Epi epirubicin
ergocalciferol vitamin D
ethanol alcohol
Factor VIII antihemophilic factor
gammabenzene hexachloride lindane
glucose dextrose
haemaccel polygeline
Hartmann’s solution sodium lactate compound
hydroxyurea hydroxycarbamide
hydroxycobalamin vitamin B-12
INH isoniazid
insulin, short-acting (Actrapid) insulin, neutral soluble (regular)
insulin, intermediate-acting (Insulatard) insulin, isophane (NPH)
ipecac syrup ipecacuanha syrup
IZS insulin zinc suspension (long-acting)
NPH insulin insulin, isophane (NPH)
lignocaine lidocaine
nitroglycerin glyceryl trinitrate
normal saline sodium chloride 0.9% in water
penicillin G benzathine penicillin, benzathine benzyl
penicillin G sodium, crystalline penicillin, benzyl
penicillin VK penicillin, phenoxymethyl
penicillin V potassium penicillin, phenoxymethyl
phenobarbitone phenobarbital
phenoxymethyl penicillin penicillin, phenoxymethyl
phytomenadione vitamin K-1
povidone PVP iodine
procaine penicillin penicillin, procaine benzyl
pyridoxine vitamin B-6
retinol vitamin A
Ringer’s Lactate sodium lactate compound
stiloboestrol diethylstilbestrol
sodium cromoglycate cromoglicic acid
succinylcholine suxamethonium
sulfamethoxazole & trimethoprim co-trimoxazole (smz/tmp)
thiamine vitamin B-1
thiopentone thiopental sodium
thyroxine sodium levothyroxine sodium
Vitamin B12a hydroxocobalamin