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How prices were calculated

All prices in other currencies have been converted to U.S. dollars at the exchange rates listed below. Prices from sources not listed below were in U.S. dollars.

Currency(Supplier/Buyer Code) Year Data Exchange Rate to US$
1996 rates: New York Times, 29 July 1996
1998 rates: New York Times, 2 November 1998
1999 rates: New York Times, 30 November 1999
2000 rates: OANDA, 1 December 2000
2001 rates: OANDA, 23 October 2001
2002 rates: OANDA, 29 October 2002
2003 rates: OANDA, 1 July 2003
2004 rates: OANDA, 1 July 2004
2005 rates: OANDA, 1 July 2005
2006 rates: OANDA, 1 July 2006
2007 rates: OANDA, 1 July 2007
2008 rates: OANDA, 1 July 2008
2009 rates: OANDA, 1 July 2009
2010 rates: OANDA, 1 July 2010
2011 rates: OANDA, 1 July 2011
2012 rates: OANDA, 1 July 2012
2012 rates: OANDA, 1 July 2012
2013 rates: OANDA, 1 July 2013
2014 rates: OANDA, 1 July 2014
2015 rates: XE, 1 July 2015

  • Changes in exchange rates can cause costs to vary widely.
  • The most current exchange rate at the time of your analysis should always be used when calculating costs.
  • Direct comparison of prices between suppliers for a given product may be unrealistic because of the varying terms and services offered by different suppliers.
  • When calculating and projecting real costs, it is important to consider factors such as financing, delivery times, modes of transportation (air/sea/inland), and handling charges. An analysis of these factors is beyond the scope and intent of this Guide. However, it is reasonable, for estimation purposes, to add 10% for shipping costs to the listed price for suppliers in the guide.
  • Government agency tender prices generally do not require adjustment for shipping charges.
  • Prices in the International Medical Products Price Guide are listed in ascending order according to unit price, that is, the lowest price is listed first.
  • For information about previous years please contact us: